Laser Marking Medical Devices Has Never Been Easier

In an industry as diverse as the world of medical devices, you need laser marking systems and workstations that can handle any type of material, surface and composition.

And with a variety of standard and custom systems that truly meet any application need, TYKMA is the solution for your company. 

TYKMA Electrox Medical Device AnnealTYKMA Electrox Medical Device

Why Choose TYKMA?

 All systems – designed to exacting quality standards – contain high-powered MOPA fiber laser engines

When it comes to medical devices, precision is absolutely key as well. As some instruments and tools continue to become smaller and more efficient, a laser system must be able to meet very high quality standards, along with strict identification and traceability guidelines.

TYKMA marking and engraving systems can withstand all environments and forms of usage, never compromising the quality of the medical devices themselves or the work they will do.

Find Your Answer to Laser Marking Medical Devices

Our team of highly skilled and experienced engineers, software designers and technical service professionals look forward to helping you get the exact solution you need for laser marking medical devices. No matter how complex your marking challenge is, we will be there to solve it.

Written by TYKMA Electrox

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