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Continuous Inkjet Printers (CIJ) Continuous Inkjet Printers (CIJ)

Online Laser Marking Machines (Marking On The Fly) Online Laser Marking Machines

Laser Marking Machines
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Laser Marking On The Package Of Food
The conventional method to mark on the package is to use ink spray. The main components of ink are butanone, thinner, cleaner. Butanone is volatile and toxic, and smells bad.  On one... read more

Laser Marking Medical Devices Has Never Been Easier

In an industry as diverse as the world of medical devices, you need laser marking systems and workstations that can handle any type of material, surface and composition... read more 

Introducing LaserGear: A New Affordable Laser Marking Line for Small Business
At TYKMA Electrox, we pride ourselves on our ingenuity and innovation when it comes to providing high-quality industrial laser marking systems, For years, we've supplies... read more