LaserGear BOQX Class 1 Desktop Laser Marking System

LaserGear BOQX Class 1 Desktop Laser Marking SystemLaserGear BOQX Laser Beam        LaserGear Rotary Device

Product Overview
The BOQX is a powerful Class 1 desktop laser engraving machine with features that make it versatile, such as its focus finder tool that allows for height adjustment. This, combined with our Minilase Pro SE Software, makes the BOQX a product that is reliable and built with diverse application capabilities.

System Features - BOQX Desktop Laser Engraving Machine
Some of the features you can expect to find within our BOQX desktop laser engraving and marking systems include:

Technical Specifications

System Dimensions / Weight (approx.) 16.15″W x 34.5″L x 24″H / 130lbs (mm) 410W x 876.3 L x 584H / 59kg
Standard Marking Field 163 Focal Lens 3.93” x 3.93” / 100mm x 100mm
Standard Max Part Size 12″W x 9.0″L x 5.75″H (mm) 254W x 228L x 146H
Laser Type Ytterbium Fiber
Wavelength 1062nm +/- 3nm
Wattage 20W
Frequency Range 1-400kHz
Pulse Duration 200ns
Operative Ambient Air Temperature 0° – 40° C / 32° – 104° F
Cooling Forced Air
Input Power Requirements Power Sensing 110-240VAC 50/60Hz
Aiming Beam (2) Class IIIa/3R Red Diode
PC Windows 7 or 10 Laptop or Desktop PC
PC Connection USB
Machine Ports Diagnostic, Option Pendant
Warranty 18 Month Comprehensive, Unlimited Hours
Documentation (Provided in Digital Format via USB Drive) System & Software Manuals Laser Settings Guide / Safety Manual

In addition to the LaserGear Pro Software, our tabletop laser engraving products can be optimized with many types of accessories, including:

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