Laser Marking On The Package Of Food

The conventional method to mark on the package is to use ink spray. The main components of ink are butanone, thinner, cleaner. Butanone is volatile and toxic, and smells bad.  On one hand, it does harm to operator’s health; On the other hand, printing on the surface of the packaging is easy to fall off, especially on the food packaging surface. The market has become increasingly demanding for the indelible marking and avoidance of ink contamination. It requires a new marking process to be applied to the packaging coding process. As a result, the laser marking machine is increasingly recognized by customers as a new type of marking tool.

HGLaser Noodle Package Marking

Kemen Noodle Manufacturing Co., Ltd is the Leading manufacturer of noodle industry in China. The packaging material is mainly PE film and carton packing. The surface of the noodle products and packaging has a larger contact surface, and once it is opened, it is extremely susceptible to contamination by the packaging. Early noodle packaging marks may also have odor pollution.

Taking into account many factors, Kemen Noodle Manufacturing adopted the HGLaser's flying series of laser marking machines. With the needs of Kemen Noodle Manufacturing, HGLaser integrates a 3W UV laser into the product line, adopts a custom-made galvanometer and F-θ lens, and a standard touch screen device for easy installation and flexible operation.

With the help of HGLaser’s technicians, the installation was soon completed. The staff of Kemen Noodle quickly got the new skills, and realized the perfect cooperation with the "new colleague" —— laser marking machine!

 HGLaser Flying Laser Marking Machince 

After the new marking equipment enters the workshop, the workshop is quiet and tidy. Three-phase mark, linear speed is up to 10-20 m/min. The whole process is in good order. The mark is accurate on the seal with color.

In addition to Kemen Noodle, other noodle companies in domestic also produce other seasoning foods or staple foods, and the packaging materials are similar. Laser marking, as an important direction of laser application, is a common processing method in many fields. Its unique process not only makes the product packaging more exquisite, but also has many advantages such as higher labeling efficiency and anti-counterfeiting effect.

HGLaser Noodle Package Marking 

In the era of laser +, laser marking machine will eventually become the leading role in food packaging field. Because in the modern society of food safety with zero tolerance, safe and pollution-free processing mode is the general trend!

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